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Winter Promotion

Discount on exterior winter valets – valid  until the New Year

Protect your car in preparation for this winter with a luxury wash, polish and protect. This winter service removes the build up of salt, grit and muck, which if left can cause damage to paintwork and corrosion of exposed mechanical components. A quality wax polish is then applied to the paintwork and wheels are coated with Autoglym Alloy Wheel Protector.

  • Protect your car for winter
  • Remove salt, grit and muck
  • Luxury wash, polish and protect bodywork
  • Alloy wheels cleaned and sealed

Prices from £40


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Cloudy Headlight Restoration Surrey

  • See the road ahead more clearly
  • Enhance and revive the tired look of an older vehicle
  • Save money


Cloudy Headlight Restoration Surrey

Have your car’s headlights seen clearer days? Over time, the combination of exposure to rain, road grime and the sun’s UV rays, gradually cause the plastic lens covers on many headlights to become oxidised with a white or yellow cloudy layer. This opaqueness reduces the efficiency of lighting – eventually becoming an MoT failure) – not to mention looking unsightly and spoiling the appearance of your car.

Surrey Shine’s professional Headlight Restoration procedure strips away the contaminated outer surface, revealing clear uncontaminated plastic, which is then polished and sealed to restore an almost as-good-as- new appearance to your car’s headlights… for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The whole procedure only takes a few hours and can be done on your driveway.

Cloudy and yellow headlights sanded, polished and sealed, to restore clarity: £35 per headlight

See pictures below of some examples.

Cloudy Headlight Restoration - Before

Audi A3 cloudy headlight – Before



Cloudy Headlight Restoration - After


Audi A3 cloudy headlight – After


Cloudy Headlight Restoration - Before

Honda CRV cloudy headlight – Before


Cloudy Headlight Restoration - After

Honda CRV cloudy headlight – After



Cloudy Headlight Restoration - Before

VW Golf cloudy headlight – Before


Cloudy Headlight Restoration - After

VW Golf cloudy headlight – After



Renault Clio cloudy headlight – Before


Renault Clio cloudy headlight – After

Mobile valeting and detailing in Epsom

Surrey Shine mobile valeting and detailing in Epsom

Keeping your car clean is an inevitable part of car ownership. For some it’s a pleasant way to while away a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but for the vast majority of people, car cleaning is a tedious and inconvenient chore. This certainly explains the recent popularity of hand car wash operations, which have sprung up in car parks and disused petrol station sites in every town across the country. They certainly score on convenience (apart from when it’s necessary to queue at peak times), but can fall short when a more extensive valet is required.

A quality professional mobile valeting and detailing service like Surrey Shine Valet will, on the other hand, take that extra time to carefully and thoroughly clean and detail your car, delivering results which can be clearly appreciated – both in the short and long term.


To achieve great results, high quality car care products from Autoglym,Turtlewax and Gtechniq are used as part of Surrey Shine’s car valeting system. Every effort is made so that no swirl marks, scratches or damage to your paint occurs, by using separate lambswool and microfibre wash mitts and buckets with grit guards. This attention to detail is what separates Surrey Shine from automatic and supermarket car park hand car washes.


Surrey Shine Car Valet mobile car valeting Epsom, covers all surrounding areas, including: Tadworth, Chessington, Tolworth, Nork, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Oxshott, Cobham, Dorking, Reigate, Cheam, Ewell, Sutton and Banstead and cleans your vehicle at your home or place of work – at a time convenient for you. This bespoke service takes the hassle out of keeping your car or van looking pristine. Alternatively, if you’re selling your car, then a standard or full valet can ensure it will look its best for potential buyers – and ultimately make the vehicle easier to sell.

Additionally Surrey Shine is able to offer detailing services, for customers looking for something more comprehensive than a full valet. Detailing comprises services that aren’t included in general valeting, due to the addtional time and specialist equipment/products required. A full interior and exterior detail can take up to a whole day (depending on vehicle size & condition), and involve an extensive clean and decontamination of your vehicle’s paintwork before the swirl marks and minor imperfections are removed with machine polishing/paint correction using a DAS Pro6 machine polisher. Then, once a superb finish is achieved, a high quality wax or sealant is applied to lock in the shine and protect your car’s paintwork from the elements. surrey_shine_car_valet_machine_polishing

New Car Protection systems from Gtechnic and Autosmart are also available. These cutting-edge surface protection products bond to your paintwork and interior fabrics creating an invisible barrier to dirt and air-bourne debris, helping to keep your car in better condition for longer. Windscreens and glass can also be treated with water repellent coatings which can reduce the use for wipers in light rain and significantly improve vision through side and rear windows during wet weather.

Not sure which service to go for? Then feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to explain the differences in the services and advise on which options will best suit your requirements.