Surrey Shine Car Valet

Just purchased a new car and want to keep it looking good for as long as possible? New Car Protection systems bond to paintwork and interior fabrics, creating an invisible barrier to dirt and airbourne debris, helping to keep your car in better condition, for longer. Windscreens and glass can also be treated with water repellent coatings which can reduce the use for wipers in light rain and significantly improve vision through side and rear windows during wet weather.


  • Autosmart Silver Seal  Paint and Interior Protection – Price On Application
    A Teflon new car paint protection system forming a watertight seal, which protects your car’s bodywork and wheels against the elements and traffic film, thereby making subsequent exterior washing easier. The kit also includes fabric and upholstery protection, meaning that drink spills and dirt can be more easily wiped clean from the vehicle’s interior, without staining.

Prices for application of Silver Seal will vary, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, which in turn will affect the amount of preparation work required. Brand new or nearly cars will most likley just need an exterior wash/dry and interior vacuum/wipe down. However, older or more neglected cars will probably require additional preparatory work, such as deep cleaning of the interior, or decontamination (claying) and polishing of the exterior before Silver Seal can be applied. This is to ensure good results and longevity of the product.